Monday, April 25, 2016

Holy Service, Bat Man...again

So we served 25 hours each in the district this week. That is incredible! Our other numbers were way down, but the Lord is still blessing us a lot. The Hnas have 3 baptisms scheduled this week! Two of them are little kids I interviewed who were waiting forever for their mom's signature and permission. Woohoo! :D
     So service thus far has consisted of many hours in one guy's house and a few hours in oth
ers. The guy's name is Tony. He's a house flipper, and had just gotten the house pretty much done after the last flood. There were so many people with that same thing that were just finnishing up after last May. Pretty sad.
     At Tony's house, we cut the sheet rock, remove it up to like 2 feet, take off the door frames, remove the insulation, and all other sorts of fun stuff. We've also worked with carpet in other houses a decent amount. Quite heavy work. I was on a news station after doing some service. They interviewed me for a minute it was ABC13 I think.
     So. What a day. For starters, I think I threw out my back a couple weeks ago helping Cleofas move. It has been a pain durring service. So we decided to go to the chiropractor. Strap in.
     I got adjusted, and they throw in a massage with what feels like eucalyptus oil. We get in the car to go home still tingley with the oil. About a quarter of the way home, it starts burning pretty bad. Like more tingles than there should be. Pretty soon, it's really bad. If I don't touch it, it burns badly, so I have to keep adjusting my shirt, and I'm driving. We get to a third of the way home, and I'm starting to get light headed a little, and decide to pull off. The nearest exit of the freeway was in like 2 miles, and traffic was horrible. This was honestly, the worse pain I've ever been in as I'm all but yelling in the car!
     Finally, we pull of to a gas station, where I tried to splash it off in the gas station. I just put my proselyting shirt on, no tie, and walked out to the car with my companion. I told him, "no questions asked, you're driving, and I need a blessing before we go." It was still stinging pretty intensely. We went behind a dumpster and he gave me a quick blessing, and we rushed home. Holy cow! That was so ridiculously painful. The worst is that my back is still really sore; possibly worse than what it was before. I'm hoping it's just my muscles adjusting to the adjustment.
     As I showered, and got out, we heard a knock at the door. It was about 7:30. Much, MUCH to my surprise, it was my cousin Sherri! She gave us some of the best food I've had on the mission, gave me a huge hug, and left within a minute! It was pretty funny. I let President know, and he laughed as well.
     On Sunday, the missionaries were in charge of Sacrament meeting, and some gave talks (I still have not haha). We did the same musical number that we sang for the conference when Elder Nelson came here, only it was just the elders in the ward singing, Hna Hofheins on violin (she is incredible!), and Hna McMullin on piano. They had me translate the lyrics to Spanish, and I think it went pretty well :)
     That's about all the interesting going on here for right now. I love you all so much, and thank you for your prayers. Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Spjute

Three different houses that had their sheet rock and insulation piled on the sidewalk.

Tell me this doesn't look exactly like Stephen!

This was in a guy named Tony's house.So much demolition work!

The puzzle we put together having been trapped inside last P-day.

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