Monday, May 2, 2016

Back into the Groove

Well, flood service is pretty much over. We didn't even get to do any this week. It was all done. We had to become proselyting missionaries again haha. I love it; I really do.
     There were some fun parts of this week! Last monday, we met a vigilante called Crazy Mike. He was a pretty cool guy. Thinks he's a much bigger deal than he is, but it was fun :) He had us make a video introducing ourselves for his twitter page. Real good guy.
     District Meeting on Tuesday was totally a spiritual high. It was one of the better one's I've had. In my second or third month in the mission field, President Ashton had the zone leaders give a training based on Leviticus 1 and how our Sacrament sacrifices are similar to those of ancient times. I tried to reproduce it, and it was actually really cool! The district seemed to eat it up, which is great because I'm the only one that was here for that! They were all too young, and weren't missionaries yet. It's important because we all prepare for the Sacrament every Saturday, as it should be. It just gave it more purpose.
     The rest of the meeting was spent discussing how to make our Personal and Companionship studies better. There was a lot of revelation from this meeting!
     Later that day, we ate at a grocery store called La Michoacana with Efigenia. I had this tortilla loaded with stuff that's called a huarache. It had chicharron as the meat. Super good! I've developed a fondness for chicharron. It's pretty much cooked pig's skin/fat. Yes.
     I had my last quarterly interview with President. It was pretty good! We had it in his house! That was the first time I'd been there since my very first day in the mission field. He messed up his back, called an audible, and we met up there. It went well. He talked to me about having hope for my mission. Something I needed to work more on. It's been a little difficult in a fairly dry area. BIG lesson learned is that you cannot compare yourself to others! It's a trap!
     We sang our song as a district again for a baptism from the sisters' area. Super cool; it went much better this week than it did last Sunday. I love music!
     I went on an exchange to a Burmese area. It was the first one I've ever been on where I flat out understood nothing of the other language! So crazy! I was with my zone leader, Elder Ames. It was pretty interesting. They are in a four person companionship, so they usually just split one zone leader with a junior comp. Kinda crazy.
     I crashed my bike for what I hope was the last time on Saturday! My pinky got pretty cut up and is fairly bruised now. Also pretty funny. I was swerving to miss a bus station, and didn't see the big, rock trash can that took me out completely. All fine, just laughs.
     Things are great here! I love this area, and will dearly miss the people here. I'm stoked for Mothers' Day when I'll be able to talk with my Mom face to face one last time before the airport! In advance, Happy Mothers' Day, Mom! I love you all, and wish you a great week!

-Elder Spjute

This was a bus someone had that they cut to look like this awesome truck. Pretty cool.

This is Elder Grimes. He's my companion.

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