Thursday, March 10, 2016

One more week, one more journal!

Hello everyone. That's right, I'm on my third mission journal now! Yeah, I'm getting old out here.
     So on Tuesday, I had to make a district meeting that I'd put off since Friday. President gave us an outline of what do to for the next 5 district meetings, and I realized that I don't have to/can't improvise anything. It's all set, which makes me kind of sad. It was a decent meeting though. Just the same meeting that I had about a month ago in the same district. I'm working on supporting my president a little more. Struggling, but working.
     So our teaching pool is hurting right now. I'm not sure why. We're working fairly hard, knocking so many closed doors, and just not having a ton of success. I'm not really worried, though, which I find interesting. Maybe my patience is growing. Maybe I'm lazy, I don't know. I feel like I'm doing what the Lord is asking; so I'm waiting for blessings. I included a plea for finding in my fast yesterday. We'll see what happens.
     So the picture below is from Wednesday. We were helping the Suarez family (the husband is blind) move their big dog house in their back yard with the other elders. We also had to raise it and put cement blocks underneath. I had it by the shingles and the board underneath with my left hand as we were scooting it closer to the corner of the fence, and couldn't pull it out. It got pretty smashed, and broke skin a little. It's pretty gross now. But all good.
     Marc took us out to a place called Salt Grass. It's a really nice steak house with pretty high prices. It was a fun lunch. I love Marc.
     We visited Cleofas a few times this week. She's such a sweetheart! I love her, and am so proud of her! We got her membership number, so want really badly to take her to the temple to get her baptized for her mom! She started baring her testimony to Hno Sanchez, who was out with us, and my eyes welled up a little. She's such a strong convert.
     That's about all that's fit to print! Except for the crazy meth lady that tried to hit me last night haha. Yeah, there was a special kind of evil there. But you take the good and leave the bad. I love my mission! I love you all as well! Have a great week!

-Elder Spjute

7 Week Transfer

     So, seeing as the dates got moved back a week and all that, this is the transfer that will be 7 weeks instead of 6. Glad I'm with a cool comp! It was an odd week, like always. Love it.
     On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we only had one lesson. One per day. That's pretty sad. Not due to any lack of effort on our part... I hope. But we have been trying really hard lately to find. We actually taught a new family, which we have a return appointment with, so that's looking up! We've made commitments to talk to more people in the apartment complexes while we have time. It's yielding some fruits.
     One of these fruits was the picture below from last night. This is Ariel. He contacted us on the street haha. He was SO drunk. It was too funny to resist. We went in, shared a scripture with him, and yeah. He shook Elder Stouts hand for a good 2 minutes and started crying about how he has three daughters in Guatemala and he needs Elder Stout to call Trump so he'll let them come. Yep, it was great. As we were leaving, he said, "let's take a picture." Yes. What a great idea. Yep.
     On Tuesday, we got to run the new missionaries. That means us, the other elders, and the sisters from our district came to meet the new ones, and we each took one and did street contacts with them for a bit. As mission lingo goes, the missionaries trainer is their dad, and their runner is their mom, so I'm the mom of Elder Unick, and Elder Seal, who is training him in our apartment, is his dad. Yep.
     We ate two times with Ana and Juan and Marc this week. Both sooo delicious! The second time, we had craw fish. Marc is a cooking genius. Like ho-ly cow! I probably ate around 30 craw fish. It's definitely one of the weirder things to eat in this life, but so good when done right :) We filled this big pan up several times more as well. So good. And Marc made horchata for Elder Stout, so that was nice :)
     Well, that about it for the interesting news of the week. We're so glad it's P-Day because we all ran out of food this week! Also, we will be looking for a new apartment on the boss' orders. Ours is a rancid mess. So many nastinesses. Anywho, we're working hard! I love the mission so much! I love you all as well. Thank you to everyone who reads and writes me. The church is true. Love,

-Elder Spjute