Thursday, July 30, 2015


A dog that wanted to kill us.

Mexican candy that I love

The gang and Milton and Favio at IHOP. Since 3/4 of us are getting transferred, we said goodbye to those two. Super awesome guys!

This was Elder Mota, Evans and I in the back of a tiny mustang on the way to a stake softball game.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One and Done

Hello outside world! Before I get started on my week, I just want you all to know that I'm leaving my beloved Kemah after just one 6-week transfer. So sad. It was a slow area, but had some of my best friends as missionaries. Not only am I leaving, though, but so is Elder Mota! They're either shutting down our area (due to non-productiveness), or white-washing it with two different missionaries. Elder Evans is also leaving the Kemah House, so Elder Sharp will stay solo. Poor guy. 
     I've created the Elder Spjute's Fit into his Pants Plan this week. It includes workouts most mornings and nights and common sense eating habits. It should pay off after a while. I'll let you know!
     So last Monday, we were sitting outside some less actives' house debating whether or not we were supposed to go in. We decided to pray and ask where the Lord wanted us to go. We didn't knock the door, but went to see this part member family, the Penilla's. It was awesome! They got home early from a vacation; we didn't even know they were home. It was a cool experience with a good lesson.
     We played softball this week, and had a blast. things are all good! Love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Spjute

Monday, July 20, 2015

Great Week! (Letter from 7/13)

     I love being a missionary. It is such an awesome experience and opportunity to grow. I want you all to know that I am exactly where I need to be and doing what I need to do. My testimony has gotten so much stronger in the year being out! I'm making such good memories, and getting to know my Savior.
     I heard this Saturday that my first convert, Guadalupe Cisneros passed away. That broke my heart for a bit. Her age just caught up to her. She is loved, and will be missed. I'm glad I've got such great friends/brothers in my apartment to help cheer me up. It's a great place.
     On Tuesday, we went to Galveston for a Zone meeting. It was so weird driving there! I remembered how to get everywhere still, after not having been there for six months. It was kind of a depressing meeting. Our Zone isn't the most faithful. We were trying to set a goal for the number of baptisms the Lord wants us to achieve this moth, and it was like pulling teeth to get it up to a reasonably challenging number. Kinda disturbing. 
     Later that night, we all got tased by Elder Sharp's taser. It was fun. Definitely exciting. Didn't hurt too bad. Elder Mota and I discovered you can plug it into the wall and charge it. We tased Elder Sharp afterwards, and there was a considerable difference haha.
     We've been biking a lot in the area this week. It's been in the mid 90's, and is always around 100% humidity. Not kidding. It's intense! I never thought I'd enjoy biking just because it's so hot, and we get so sweaty, but it's actually something I've gotten used to, and then started liking. I'll kind of miss it when I get home haha. 
     It's been a great experience, though. We've found some really cool people, and some that are pretty promising (which is good because our investigators aren't really doing anything). People get a good impression of the missionaries if we can help them with service as we're contacting them. We met a guy named Andres, who we talked to about the Restoration and a bit of the Plan of Salvation as we helped him dig out the weeds and grass around his driveway. He's a super cool guy and asked us to come back this week. I love having a companion that talks to everyone. It's a blessing to me. 
     We had an exchange with Zone Leader Elder Goodrich this week. His companion, Elder Heitonga (a huge Tongan), went with the other Texas City missionaries. While we were dropping him off, his companion took a while to get there, and we'd just come from playing soccer with the branch, so we were in work out clothes. Elder Mota and I decided to try practicing backflips. He's a former gymnast, so he knows how, and can do them. (Side note: backflip in Spanish is called a 'mortal' because you have to do it well, or... yeah.) He pretty much helped me rotate all the way. I only tried a few times. I should be able to do it this week without his help. 
     All is going well in the land of Houston. I love it, and love you all. Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Spjute

Livin the Crazy Life

Forgive me if this is a somewhat short letter. This has been a bit of a tough week with not a lot going on. 
     So last P-Day, we went bowling as a district. Our first game, we bet the sisters we would win, and losers had to buy the others something (snack or drink or something). We were down a bit, and I was the last bowler in the 10th frame. First bowl was a strike. Second was an 8, then I got the other two the last bowl. We lost the game by one point to the sisters! AH! so close haha. 
     We had interviews with President Hall this week. He's a really good guy. He really wants to be everyone's friend, which for right now is a little oddly gentle, but he's a hard worker too. I had a good time with him. 
     I hit my year mark on Thursday! How nuts is that?! Blows my little missionary mind!
     As I mentioned, this week has been tough. Elder Mota and I rode bikes a ton so we could talk to everyone; didn't yield a ton of results. We biked in the rain one day, and then it heated up. We then walked home after Elder Mota got a flat in the hottest humidity ever! Goodness, Houston! 
     We've taken to telling riddles before bedtime. That's pretty fun :) I'm learning some good ones. Anyone have some they'd like to tell me? Love suggestions :) 
     We got dropped by one of our investigators, which was a bummer. We ended up recognizing it as a blessing, though. We were wasting time with her. Then we're going to drop another family that isn't progressing today. We had hope for them, and that's also a big bummer. We're running out of people to teach! Faith will have to pull us through on this one. Well, have a great week, ya'll. I love you!

-Elder Spjute

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy America Day

     I had an awesome 4th! We had a correlation as missionaries, and to start the meeting, sang the National Anthem. All of our prayers in the apartment that day were amazingly patriotic. Elder Evans and I went around with American flags in our backpack and pocket. Oh yes. I patriotic-ed my outfit as much as I could with an orange, white, and blue tie. 
     We got fed by members of the English ward. We're the best at sucking up for food haha. It was real, American food. SO good! And afterwards, we went to this guy named Mark's house. He's not a member, but he spends a LOT of time with the missionaries, and is all but a member. He knows everything about the church. He's just gay, so feels like he would get too much bad pressure if he joined the church. He cooks like a boss though, and he sings even better. I mean, wow. 
     We watched fireworks at his house; he has a house on the lake, and there is an artificial island on which they were putting off the fireworks. It was great, but man, I missed the radio blasting Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies back at the park back home. And I missed rafting. Oh man. But I'll only miss one 4th of July! I'll be home a little before next year. 
     We met our new President of the mission on Wednesday. He's President Hall, a 46 year old ginger. He's really gung ho about the work; should be nice. President Ashton was always tired, so this will be a bit of a change. He seems like such a loving guy. I'm excited to see what he can do for us. 
     So funny story. Last Thursday, we were in the library doing family history, and this drunk J-dub starts chewing us out. He smelled so bad of alcohol. Eventually, he just went out. He was almost trying to pick a fight, but Elder  Evans was on exchanges with Elder Heitonga, a gigantic Tongan missionary. Haha side note: President Hall gave us a form to fill out and one of the questions was What is the missions strongest feature? Elder Evans answered our Polynesians. I chuckled. 
     We played a lot of soccer on Friday. We do almost every Friday. I think it can be really fun. It depends on how involved I get. But get this. My companion used to be a gymnast, so he was doing like back handsprings and stuff on the field. So cool; he can do a backflip too. I've decided this is the year I learn a backflip too haha. Who knows when. I mean, I can grab a 10 foot rim; how much more do I need? 
     I hope you all had wonderful weeks, and 4th of Julys. I love you all,

Elder Spjute 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kemah is awesome!

 So I love this area. The work is kinda stagnant, but we're about to make a break through, I can feel it. The branch is really cool. We had a great Sacrament meeting yesterday. I gave a talk (after two days (hour per day) of preparation on free agency. It turned out really well. I love preparing talks. you feel the Spirit so strongly, and are eligible to learn so much. Giving the talk is always nerve-racking for me, but a lot better now that I'm more comfortable with Spanish. 
     My companion is super awesome! I really love him. He works really hard, knows when to clean/work/do stuff, and knows when to play. He's so dang funny. We all make so much fun of each other in the Kemah house; we've got fairly thick skins haha. He's a funny little Mexican haha. He gets along well with everyone. It's really cool. 
     Recently, I've had fairly meaningful Sacrament meetings. As I take the Sacrament, I like to try to sacrifice something in order to come closer to the Savior. This often means making sacrifices multiple weeks in a row. But it is a very purifying process, and I've seen more power in the Atonement.
     On Tuesday, we went to the mission office, where our beloved President Ashton said his farewells. I've actually grown a lot closer with him in the last few transfers. I am grateful for him, and know he was called of God. I'm excited to see what President Hall does here. At the farewell, President Ashton committed us to read scriptures every day for the rest of our lives (30 minute minimum) and to consecrate ourselves and separate us from all ungodliness. It is obviously difficult, and is only possible through repentance. That man left a legacy.
     Other than that, there wasn't too much special that happened this week. So some random facts: three people in the district have gluten intolerance. I miss growing beards every day. I come home a year from yesterday. Three people in the apartment all got here on the same day. I always drive because Elder Mota doesn't have a license. Mota means marijuana (weed to be exact) in Spanish. I can still nearly grab a 10 ft rim. I'm maybe a little taller. 
      Yeah. I love the mission. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all!

-Elder Spjute