Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

     Didn't see that coming! I'm in a companionship of 3! Elder Leszynski, who is from Argentina, and fluent in both English and Spanish, and I are training Elder Havens, who is 21, 6 ft 6 in. Both lived in Utah, which makes all 4 of my companions Utahns. They are a ton of fun! We do a lot of our own cooking, which is awesome! 
     Sorry, but this was a mostly uneventful week; therefore, short letter. It was all fairly depressing until Elder Rockhill lefton Wednesday. I learned a lot from him, and am ready to move on. So Hermana Ries, who I rode to the CCM with on the plain from Boise is now in our district. We're a super young district with the exception of the English Elders, Johnson and LeBlanc. So happy I'm still with them because they're hilarious. 
     Elder Leszynski tells me I'm fluent in Spanish, which feels super nice! We had an English fast yesterday. I loved it! We've also already had 2 Thanksgiving dinners; one with the branch, and one with the Rabago's. 
     Elder Leszynski is a really Spiritual guy, and I'm excited to get to know him because we're gonna influence each other for the better. I'm definitely feeling the blessings! I hear things are going well back home as well. I hope this continues. I love this gospel! And I love you all too!

-Elder Spjute

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's a Boy!

    So this is going to be crazy; I'll explain the title in a bit. This week was just exasperating! In a good way. 
     We had our last District Meeting on Tuesday. That was a little sad because one of the English sisters, Sister Jewett is going home like tomorrow. During a training on spiritual gifts by her and her comp, Sister Nath (who is from Spain), I felt so faithless. I felt like I had no hope, for who knows what reason. Our District had one baptismal goal, and everyone else is kind of floundering. I was told by the two sisters that i have the gift of diligence. I did a personal study on that the next day, and there it was, clear as day in my Patriarchal blessing! I figure if I'm diligent, faith has to follow! 
     The next day, we were in Texas City. We had the best meal I've had in all my time out here. It's a Honduran food called baliadas. It's a glorified burrito with eggs; but the lady made them SO good! We got a phone call from Sister Mecham (missionary health lady in Sugar Land) during dinner saying we needed to get back to the island ASAP. Sister Nath had a nasty bike crash, hit her head badly, and we assisted her to the urgent care center. Now, we generally have to be in our apartments by 9:30. But after staying at the hospital getting vital signs taken and CT scans and all that fun stuff, we didn't get in until after 11:15! It was a rush! We got permission to give her a blessing, and that was pretty cool. Poor girl has a bad concussion. Fortunately nothing worse. That helped boost my faith! Heavenly Father was watching out for her. 
     Just when I though it'd never get crazier that that night (pretty naive, right?), it did! 
     On Thursday, we celebrated Elder Rockhill's 21st birthday. We had a lot of food haha. It was a great day. Then, President Ashton called during a lesson, and left a message for me to call him. I did, and got the biggest shock ever. "Elder Spjute, the Lord wants you to train this next transfer."
     I am finishing my training this week, and then I'm gonna be a trainer! Hence, my title. I'm gonna be a "dad". Poor Elder Rockhill has spiraled into depression because he doesn't want to leave. It's kinda pathetic. Not trying to sound rude, but like an author would say it. It's pretty sad. 
     I've decided to sacrifice my fear of training (because I went all that night jaw- agape), and replace it with faith. I have faith. I have a lot of faith. I will continue to grow more faith. The Lord will be my constant companion! 
     Last thing, Ivonne FINALLY got baptized yesterday. I confirmed her in Spanish, which was awesome! I loved it, and the Spirit was so strong! Miracle: she now has every Sunday free to go to the English ward for church! This gospel is amazingly true! I love it so much! Pray for my new companion!

-Elder Spjute

First two pics: Celebrating Elder Rockhill's birthday

Johnathon during the biker rally last week. He's Nathaly's son.

district at the temple last week

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Weekly Report

     Hey everyone! So finally, the weather here is getting nicer. I wore a long-sleeved all day this week, and didn't sweat too much. It was still hot enough on Saturday to get a mosquito bite, which has never happened to me in November before. 
     So last Monday, after P-Day, we had dinner with this guy named Mark and his wife (courtesy of/ dinner with the English elders). They liked to kinda try to tell us why we are wrong, but they were still the nicest people! That was the first time I've had a good, home-cooked, American meal in so long! They prayed for our eyes to be opened haha. After all of that, we went to Houston for a mission temple trip. There were about 50 missionaries there; they're sending everyone through in parts. 
     The drive was awesome! I can't explain how funny the English elders are. Man, I love them. We got there pretty late that night. And we stayed with... get this... Elder Evan Huntsman, who went to Borah with me. He was a senior my sophomore year, and in my seminary class. That was pretty cool. We woke up at like 4:30 the next morning to go to the temple.
     I wish I could say this was my best time at the temple, but I was struggling with my patience. Let me explain. I had a wonderful time, and the Spirit was very strong. However, I wasn't receiving the revelation I thought I needed in the way I wanted. I learned humility this temple trip. It actually hit pretty hard. I love it!
     So lemme tell you about this weekend in Galvy. There was a festival called the Biker Rally. From Thursday night through Sunday, about 400,000 motorcycles came through. It was crazy! There were a lot of crazy stories. For example, a woman from a strip club got abducted. A couple people died at one point. The sister missionaries had to go home at about5:00 because they were too scared to ride bikes, and were being offered beer and to be taken home. Elder Rockhill and I were offered to be flashed. Yeah, it was a different weekend. 
     I wish I cared about motorcycles though haha. Elder Rockhill had a great time because he knows a lot about them, and grew up on them. He also knows a ton about cars. He can talk to anyone for a long time about cars because he knows what's in them, he knows what model is which, and he actually cares. I have like no car experience, so that really takes me out of the conversation. I wish I were more of an interesting person before my mission. All I really had going for me was choir/ music stuff. Elder Rockhill did like everything you can think of to talk about. It is really a plus. I told him I might steal some of his stories haha. 
     The work is a little slow right now. We're really trying to get this awesome 19 year old kid named Orbit on a mission. He's been praying about it. He needs to get active first haha. 
     After church yesterday, we had dinner at the Rabago's house (which we do every Sunday), and that was, as usual, fantastic. Afterwards, Elder Johnson and I gave the lesson. We watched a mormon message video about a guy who lost his whole family in a car accident. His faith and hope in God were truly incredible. After watching it, I shared the story of my Uncle Mark's family. I shared it from my cousin Greg's perspective. He lost his sister while they were both on missions, and his mom got cancer. He was given the option to return home twice, but stayed out with faith. I was crying the whole time I was sharing this... as was most everyone else. I am truly impressed by the faith of others. I know that Christ has suffered all our pains for us. I love my Savior, and know we can turn to him in our time of need. I love you all, and bear my testimony and witness that what I share is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

-Elder Spjute

Monday, November 3, 2014

Thank you, everyone!!!

So as for the title, it is obvious that I had a bit of a tough week last week, but this one was SO much better, and I'm so grateful for all of the prayers in my behalf! 
     I finished a journal! I started it the day I got my call, and I have learned so much since then! It is cool to see the difference! 
     So I was upset last week because Elder Rockhill signed us up to help someone move in on P-Day, and it took about 5 hours. But it was a good idea that yielded blessings :) We did a similar move today. If you can find ways to manage time, it is not a bad thing. It is service, which brings the Spirit. 
     Last Monday, Elders LeBlanc and Johnson had to go to the hospital to give a blessing to a 2 year old girl with severe burns on her body. It took a huge psychological toll on them both. The girls mom was a mess. I got to talk alone with Elder LeBlanc the next day, and found out that under his rough shell is a huge heart. I really love that guy! 
     On Wednesday, we had exchanges, which for me, happen about 5 times a transfer. I went to Kemah, and the Kemah Zone Leader came to Elder Rockhill. Kemah was AWESOME! The apartment has 4 spanish speaking missionaries; my companion's name was Elder Escobar. We stayed up 'til 12 just joking around; it was amazing! The next day, we spent about 5 hours in the hospital in Sugar Land because he had a check up due to some cancer he had before the mission. It is all fine now, but it was a good experience; and I drove all day :D I got to sing my heart out in the car with him! The bad thing about staying up til 12 though, is that I'm getting sick now. Not fun, but oh well! We are both struggling with difficult companions, and by the end of the day, we could both see the fruits of a well-working  companionship! 
     While he was doing stuff in the hospital, I read a talk called The 4th Missionary. OH MAN, mind blown! If I'm lucky and diligent, this could/will change my mission/life. It is all about being better than the bad first, lazy second, and un-desirable third missionaries. Be the 4th missionary who's will is the Lord's. So good! I could also see that take effect this week. 
     We had to come in early to the house on Halloween due to costumes and such. It was nice because we got to bed early :D I miss dressing up haha. I got to dedicate my first house that day! Well an apartment, but oh well! The less actives that live there were really grateful and so cool! On that same day, we had a zone meeting, in which I gave a training on inviting people to church. It went really well. I focused it on the missionary purpose. I got a ton of compliments. The English elders thought Elder Rockhill was kidding when he said I was giving a training. I love them a lot; we joke around so much! We have tons of fun with them! It is amazing! 
     Our investigator, Ivonne, came to church yesterday for her second time, so she'll probably be baptized soon. Woohoo! Blessings :D I have had such a good week! I have an analogy that relates to the work here. It's like bike riding. I think every time we ride our bikes, there is a head wind. It's so difficult, but it really strengthens you, and then, you can focus on other things when strong. I know the Lord has been merciful with me this week. I thank you all for your support! I love you all, and the church is true!

-Elder Spjute