Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trunky Papers

 Well, it's official; last transfer is here! I got my letter from President telling me to sprint to the end yesterday. It's something every missionary somewhat dreads. I had to send in a bunch of info for my flight preparations which are in the making. Yes, it's nuts.
     But I'm going to work so hard this last transfer! I'm gonna come home so tired! I had a nice long chat with President Hall on Wednesday. It was sorely needed. He came to our district meeting, which was a little stressful for me, but good. He taught a lot of stuff, and I was getting fairly overwhelmed by the end. I have a really bad problem sometimes of comparing myself to others. He pulled me into another room to talk about stuff for a while, and I brought that up. I lost it, and cried. It's such a trap to compare myself to others. He handled it super well, and I feel so much better about him. He is so loving. He apologized if he had ever come off as too busy to care or unloving. I was highly impressed. We established that I need to focus more on working hard this last transfer. As such, I am no longer District Leader. That should be a decent little relief. I'll be staying here in H2 with Elder Grimes. Elder Seal is leaving, and I'm super sad about that. I'll miss him so much.
     It was over all, a good week! As you can see from the second picture of my planner, we met our goals last night! Once again, that is really rare to get all of our goals for the day; it's only happened three times on my mission, I think. Granted, they weren't super high goals, but I'm still sufficiently impressed.
     Yesterday, our ward mission leader got super mad at the bishop because he didn't make an announcement about members going out with the missionaries that he had asked him to make a couple times. He went home after Sacrament meeting, and was ready to up and quit. He sent a text to Hna Olaya saying he was just fed up; that the ward doesn't put enough emphasis on the work; that it's not worth the missionaries' sacrifice; that it is too much for him as ward mission leader. The man's got a point! Every member a missionary needs to work its way deeper into our ward members' hearts. Pretty sad. We went over and let him make us dinner later, which made him happy :)
     Physical Therapy is hopefully working! There wasn't much change this week, but I'm still doing exercises to strengthen the muscles in my back so they hold everything in place like they're supposed to. It's pretty annoying, but a test of patience I probably needed.
     I'm still learning so much, and I love it! I hope I never stop learning! There's a part of my patriarchal blessing that mentions an unshakable testimony, and I definitely feel that working itself into a reality within me! I love it. I love you all, and thank you for your support and prayers. Until next Tuesday,

-Elder Spjute

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