Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day email

  Well, seeing as I just talked with my family, they are mostly aware of what's interesting right now.
     Suffice it to say it was a slow week. We are struggling to find investigators, and work is rough. It's getting hot, and my companion got super sunburnt on Saturday. He was so white, and is now so pink!
     We both got really sick/ alergic. It was bad. We took 3 or so hour naps on two different days. It was not very fun. But the naps helped a ton, and we're both getting back to normal.
     So the pictures. One is Elder Seal and Grimes who both had to eat the flower part (bud?) of the rose after losing a bet. Pretty bad tasting, I guess.
     I gave a family of 6 baptismal interviews on Saturday, which was really cool. They'll be a strong family.
     All good here in Houston. I love you all. I especially love my mama. She is the best, and has been through so much! I am so happy that I got to talk with her. Also, I'm happy to have met so many wonderful mothers here on the mission. I know each of them was specifically called by our Heavenly Father to fulfil this purpose, and they do it! Happy late Mothers' Day!

-Elder Spjute

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