Tuesday, June 7, 2016

We Had a Baby!

 So, I'd love to say we're training a new missionary, but he's only a mini-missionary. His name is Hugo Campos, and he's staying in our apartment and accompanying Elder Grimes and I for the week :) He's super cool! Totally going on a full time mission later. He's 18, from Chapas Mexico, and lives in Port La Vaca, Texas. That's the second picture.
     The first picture is awesome. Yesterday, about half way through the testimony portion of Sacrament meeting, someone opened the door, and I was coincidentally sitting on the back row. I look over, and it's FAVIO and MILTON! Flippin' awesome! They came to visit me :D So the picture left to right is Milton, Marcos (One of my Kemah investigators), me, Favio, and Hna McMullin. Hna McMullin served in Kemah with me for two transfers, and was there for five in total. She was also stoked to see them. They came to class for an hour and took off. I love those guys so much!
     So much rain... we've been trapped inside several times the past week due to constant rain. We got to take young Hugo on a pretty rainy bike ride yesterday; it went well! He's a trooper.
     So, bad news, there was no Physical Therapy on Friday due to who knows what. Also, I might have thrown my back out that very day doing, once again, who knows what. It hurts so much worse, and it's in a different part of the back, so I can't really do the exercises or stretches that were assigned. Not stoked.
     As I've mentioned, Satan is putting up a lot of walls this transfer. I have had to reach pretty deep down into myself and receive a lot of help from upstairs to push forward with faith, hobble back onto my bike, and keep working. But I sleep with a clear conscience.
     We've been working with Julian, the Argentine whose records got lost, a lot. He's homeless, so a lot of our lessons have been over the phone, which is actually pretty cool. He has a baptismal date for Tuesday the 21st. Pray for him, please!
     So, I love so many people here in the ward! We went to visit the family Olaya, and Hno wasn't there, so we couldn't go in. Hna decided to be amazing anyway, and took us to some of her friends' apartments in the complex, and we taught them with her. I love her so much! As well, the Suarez have been more than pulling their weight on the helping out the missionaries scale. Hna made the best flautas (taquitos) that I'd ever had yesterday. Then, because the elders didn't leave us enough gas in the car, they agreed to drive us to Sugar Land to pick up Hugo! I love them! Arturo spent hours with us this week, and has dedicated SO much to his calling as ward mission leader. He organized Thursday visits in which we would go on exchanges with the members. It was a smashing and recurring success. I love that guy!
     Over all, this ward has won so much of my love! And this district, and this mission, and the Savior. I'm here because of Him. I'm trying to be like Him, and trying to help others come unto Him. I know this church is true, and we all play a big part in it! Member support in missionary work is so important! Member work is missionary work! Stay firm in the faith! To quote President Monson, "May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong." I love you all!

-Elder Spjute

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